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Reports and Reviews

We like to tell you what we have been doing, how the performances went, and how people feel about what we offer. So, below are descriptions of some recent performances and events that Northern Nevada Arts Council has presented. Please feel free to let us know if you would like more of the same, different events, or both. We appreciate your comments and will take them to heart.

Miss Vulcan 1939

In January 2014, White Sage Theater presented its 21st live performance, a musical comedy about the selection of Miss Vulcan 1939, an actual beauty contest which was held in Birmingham, Alabama. The play featured singing, melodrama, suspense and audience participation. Our new director, Cheryl , brought out the best in the performers, and proved to be a worthy addition to our group.


The general concensus was that tthe crown went t the most deserving contestant, and the play was a huge success.

Harp and Violin Concert

We were treated to an afternoon of beautiful string music on January 26, by two professional musicians who are also professors at University of Nevada, Reno. Marina Roznitovsky Oster, harpist, and Vanessa Porter, violinst, played classical selections from Mozart, Vivaldi, Massenet and Bach; and modern pieces by Salzedo, Hasselmans, Hindemith and Piazzolla. Ms. Oster provided an informative lesson on the mechanics and use of the harp


We learned a bit about a fascinating musical instrument and enjoyed listening to beautiful music. 

Alice in Wonderland

What do a Mad Hatter, a White Rabbit, dancing Playing Cards and a little girl have in common? Why, Wonderland, of course. Last July, they all appeared at the Winnemucca Grammar School, in the Missoula Childrens' Theater production of Alice in Wonderland, a musical drama featuring local children from first grade through high school as the cast and assistant directors. Parents, relatives and friends were treated to two professional performances filled with songs and dances, and lobsters, and the children had a wonderful and educational drama workshop, capped with a standing ovation and new friendships.

Choirfest 2014

Music is as much a part of the holidays as celebrations and family gatherings. Each year for the past five seasons, Winnemucca Civic Chorus, in conjunction with choirs, music groups and individual performers in the area, has sponsored Winter Choirfest in early December at the First Baptist Church. Festive decorations and seasonal music enhanced the feeling of the holiday, and the audience joined in singing favorite carols at the end of the performance.


Following Choirfest, members of Winnemucca Civic Chorus, garbed in Victorian attire, went caroling along the route of the annual Festival of Lights parade, entertaining the crowd and warming up their spirits in the winter cold.

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