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In Gratitude to Our Supporters

Northern Nevada Arts Council owes a lot of gratitude to our sponsors, supporters, volunteers and assistants. We would like to offer our heartfelt appreciation to the following people and entities who make it possible for NoNAC to continue to offer a variety of outstanding arts and entertainment to the Winnemucca Community. Without you, it would not be possible. Thank you!

NoNAC Board

John Barta, President

Jim Kinney, Vice President

Leann Barta, Treasurer and MCT Coordinator

Jean Kinney, Secretary 

Brett Worsham, Board Member






John Arant, The Martin Hotel

Ray Parks, Principal of Albert M. Lowry High School

Dave Munk

Kelly Bales

Judy Adams, Humboldt Museum Liason

Dana Toth, Humboldt Museum

Jean Kinney
Jim Kinney

Leann Barta

John Barta

Tanner Ames, website & Facebook updates

Ali Ames, Facebook updates and debut director

Carol Higley, Director of White Sage Theater

Richard Dorman, Costuming and Set design

Parents of the Cast of the MCT Plays



Humboldt County

Nevada Arts Council

Arts for Nevada

National Endowment for the Arts

Ridley's Family Markets

Humboldt General Hospital Employees





The Martin Hotel

Humboldt County School District, especially

Albert M. Lowry High School

Humboldt Museum

Humboldt Printers

Boys and Girls Club of Winnemucca

Humboldt Sun

Winnemucca Publishing Company

KWNA Radio Station

KMIX 102.3 Radio Station

Humboldt Chamber of Commerce

Everything Winnemucca Magazine

Community Living Magazine




NoNAC is grateful for the sponsorship and financial aid provided to our program from the Nevada Arts Council and the National Endowment of the Arts. Without these sponsors, we would not be able to offer the arts programs that we do.

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