Upcoming Events

Things are always happening in Winnemucca. Below are upcoming events for the next few months. For further information on any event, please email us at nonac.winnemucca@gmail.com or call 775-304-5955. All venues are located in Winnemucca, unless otherwise noted.

Theater 2021




JULY 5-10, 2021

LOCATION:  Lowry High School Auditorium

SHOW DESCRIPTION:  The Missoula Children’s Theatre presents an original adaptation of the classic fairy tale, SLEEPING BEAUTY. A new princess is born, and from far and wide the people of the kingdom gather to celebrate. One simple mistake is made-an invitation is misplaced-and the wrath of the vicious Scarella falls upon the poor infant in the form of a spell. Sleeping Beauty is now destined to sleep for eternity if she should prick her finger on a spindle before she reaches her sixteenth birthday. Sleeping Beauty’s Fairy Godmothers do their best to amend the spell, but Scarella, with the help of some nasty Trolls, tricks Sleeping Beauty into pricking her finger and the spell takes effect. Five hundred years pass, and Sleeping Beauty wakes to find herself in a Rock ‘n Roll dream! Also featured in this production are the King and the Queen, Spot, the Fairies, the Palace Attendants, and the Caterpillars. SLEEPING BEAUTY-a Rock ‘n Roll Fable for the ages. This is definitely no sleeper!



AUGUST 2-7, 2021
LOCATION:  Lowry High School Auditorium
SHOW DESCRIPTION:  “Dress for success” is good advice that the Emperor takes whole-heartedly, wanting to impress new friends. But where to stop? When the clothes (and other people’s opinions) become more important than the people of the kingdom, trouble brews. To help their beloved Emperor find the way back to his heart, his true friends create an elaborate “birthday suit” for the Emperor to wear for his birthday parade celebration. The Emperor quickly and humbly learns that sometimes “less is more”!
For more information, please call Jean at 304-5955.
White Sage Theater
No plays in rehearsal!
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Humboldt County Library

In addition to the usual fare from the Library: books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, CDs, and lots of other informational and recreational materials, there is always a continuing exhibit in the Meeting Room.


ARTS AT THE LIBRARY- a partnership between Northern Nevada Arts Council and the library that provides stories and hands-on activities for all ages, both children and adults:

Please check with any Library staff for other upcoming exhibits and activities, or visit their website here.

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Winnemucca Presents LIVE!

Winnemucca Presents LIVE! presents high-quality live performances here in Winnemucca, most notably The Nutcracker Ballet.  Audition information and performance dates and times will be posted as they become available.  Please check back for more information.