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Upcoming Events

Things are always happening in Winnemucca. Below are upcoming events for the next few months. For further information on any event, please email us at or call 775-304-5955. All venues are located in Winnemucca, unless otherwise noted.

Theater 2023




JULY 10-15, 2023

LOCATION:  Lowry High School Auditorium

SHOW DESCRIPTION:  Beauty Lou is the oldest daughter of the bronc-bustin’ balladeer Buck. At the local county fair, young Beauty Lou is upset by the ungrateful behavior of a miner who has won the blue ribbon for his beautiful roses. She calls him a beast and wishes that he would look like one too. Years later, when in danger of losing the family farm, Buck meets the miner-turned-beast. Beauty Lou agrees to befriend the Beast to save her family. Beauty Lou and the Beast both learn to look beyond appearances and first impressions and to see the beauty that dwells inside. The story, set in the American West, also features Beauty Lou’s six sisters, her Imaginary Friend, her dog Fleabite Clyde, farmhands Slim and Dusty, the neighborly Country Folk and the Barnyard Critters.



JUL 31-AUG 5, 2023
LOCATION:  Lowry High School Auditorium
SHOW DESCRIPTION:  What starts as a lazy day at the beach, quickly turns into mystery and adventure when the search for Blackbeard’s treasure begins! Tales both past and present launch a group of Beach Bums to action in search of untold riches. Before our tale is told, a cast of colorful characters begin to reveal the secrets of Blackbeard’s amazing treasure. Can we trust a group of crabby Crabs or melodious Mermaids? Do the scary Seaweed Creatures or savvy Sailors know where “X” marks the spot? Will the precocious Parrots or cantankerous Crocodiles lead the way? And just who is Jolly Rodger and how does he know Sam the Clam!? Most of all, where has Blackbeard and his crew hidden their legendary treasure? Grab some sun screen, come on down to the beach and get ready to solve the mystery of BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE!
For more information, please call Leann at 775-623-0767.











The Chorus rehearses every Thursday evening from 7:00 pm-9:00 pm at the Arts Council Studio, 1127-B West Winnemucca Blvd. (next door to Ridley's).

Call 775-623-0767 for more information.

White Sage Theater


Channeling Grimm Poster.jpg

Humboldt County Library

In addition to the usual fare from the Library: books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, CDs, and lots of other informational and recreational materials, there is always a continuing exhibit in the Meeting Room.


ARTS AT THE LIBRARY- a partnership between Northern Nevada Arts Council and the library that provides stories and hands-on activities for all ages, both children and adults:

Please check with any Library staff for other upcoming exhibits and activities, or visit their website here.

Nutcracker image.jpg

Winnemucca Presents LIVE!

The Nutcracker Ballet 2023 IS COMING TO WINNEMUCCA!! 

Performances will be at Lowry High School Auditorium on Saturday evening, December 2 at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday afternoon, December 3, 2023 at 2:00 p.m.  Ticket prices are:  $20 for adults; $15 for children under 12 years old; no charge for lap children.  

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